Texas winning the fight for ballot integrity?

According to at least one Texas news source Friday, things are not going too well for the Department of Justice in the Texas Voter ID lawsuit.  "Texas Demolishes USDOJ's Case Against Voter ID", screams the headline from WOAI radio in San Antonio. Amidst the week's slanted coverage from most Main-stream press sources, a few largely un-noticed nuggets of truth have slipped out here and there. Notably, DOJ's first witness, Texas Democratic State Rep, Trey Martinez-Fischer was completely discredited by Texas AG Abbott's staff. For a period of 13-months, Martinez-Fischer publicly used his own 73-yr old Mother as a political weapon, contending that she epitomizes elderly citizens who do not have proper ID, and would thus be disenfranchised by the state's new law. Abbott's office exposed that Martinez-Fischer's mother not only possessed a valid driver's license when he first perpetrated the falsehood, but further, she actually renewed her license in August 2011, and he thereafter...(Read Full Post)