Sweet: Pro-gun group turns the tables on gun control advocates

This is your feel-good story for the day. A downstate Illinois gun rights group is using cash gleaned from a Chicago police gun turn-in program as a fundraiser for a camp for kids - run by the National Rifle Association. Chicago Sun Times: A Downstate pro-gun group says it turned payouts from Chicago's firearm buyback program last weekend into a fund-raiser for a youth summer camp -- a National Rifle Association shooting camp, that is. The city collected 5,500 guns last Saturday in the annual buyback. The city gave out $100 MasterCard gift cards for each gun and $10 cards for BB guns and replicas. Sixty of the guns and several BB guns were turned in by the Champaign-based Guns Save Life. In return, the group received $6,240 in gift cards, said John Boch, president of the group. Guns Save Life is known for the pro-gun signs the group posts along Interstate 57 between Chicago and Champaign. It also publishes a monthly gun journal. Most of the money will go toward buying ...(Read Full Post)