Slowest Post-War Recovery

The latest GDP number brings us good news and bad news. The Great Recession ended in June 2009 according to the National Bureau of Economic Research. That was the low point of real GDP. Real GDP has grown every quarter in the three years since. That's the good news. The bad news is that this recovery is the slowest in post-war US history. We now have three years of recovery, all under President Obama. How does this recovery compare to the other post-war recoveries? See for yourself. Recession 3 Year Recovery Period Real GDP Growth over 3 years President(s) during recovery 1948-49 4Q49-4Q52 25.4% Truman 1953-54 2Q54-2Q57 12.4 Ike 1957-58 2Q58-2Q61 13.2 Ike/JFK 1960-61 1Q61-1Q64 18.4 JFK/LBJ 1969-70 4Q70-4Q73 16.4 Nixon 1973-75 1Q75-1Q78 14.1 Ford/Carter 1980 3Q80-3Q83 7.3 Carter/Reagan 1981-82 4Q82-4Q85 18.5 Reagan 1990-91 1Q91-1Q94 9.8 Bush...(Read Full Post)