Science and the Second Amendment

Numberless scientific studies conducted over a period of decades have addressed the evidence relating to gun ownership and its effects.  The studies have included units of analysis ranging from individuals through nations and beyond.  Different sampling strategies and multiple statistical methodologies -- often highly sophisticated -- have been deployed.  One fair summary of the results is: the United Nations' dream of eliminating the individual's right to bear arms would serve to protect neither life, nor liberty, nor property (not that the UN really cares). The vast majority of the MSM who comment on the issue are not merely ignorant; they are also useless and surly idiots. The Piers Morgans of the world, for example, know celebrities, not research methodology and rigorous statistical analysis. The billionaire dwarf Bloomberg wants three or more terms for himself and two for everyone else; that pretty much shows where he's at, even disregarding his soda pop...(Read Full Post)