'Romney Picks Petraeus for Veep!'

Actually, no.  Gov. Romney hasn't named his choice for vice president.  But were you electrified by that headline?  Did it pull you out of your chair, pump up your heart rate and make you believe, for the first time, that Obama's on the ropes and this election is ours to win?  I thought so; me, too. If the talking heads are right (and on rare occasions they are), Romney is playing this decision close to his chest.  No one seems to know whose advice, if anyone's, he's seeking.  But in the highly unlikely event that he calls me to chat about this, I'd tell him to go big, and to go for General David Petraeus.  Here's why: Petraeus is, quite simply, the most highly-regarded  American in public life.  Even those who opposed our military actions in Afghanistan and Iraq admire and respect this general.  He's so obviously a brilliant, competent man.  And he's always come across as low-key and personally modest.  By choosing Petraeus...(Read Full Post)