Results in Rangel's primary challenged

This is one of the biggest voting snafusI can recall. It's like the city of New York never ran an election before. The confusion surrounding the primary results from last Tuesday's race in Rep. Charlie Rangel's 15th District appears headed for the courts. Rangel initially appeared to be the winner by a comfortable margin. But votes kept trickling in and his lead has now shrunk to just 802 votes with 2,000 absentee votes still to be counted and a recount all but certain. CBS News: Espaillat, however, is in vigilant pursuit of an accurate count - and his campaign is filing a complaint on Tuesday in the state Supreme Court as part of that effort. "We cannot have a Florida-type situation in New York state," Espaillat said Monday in a news conference. "We may not be looking at people looking at the pregnant dimples, but certainly the Board of Elections has not conclusively given us a result for this election. In fact, they have engaged in a murky process with a lack of...(Read Full Post)