Refuting Global Warming

In the last few months, two large studies have been published that warn about the dangers of global warming related to coastal flooding in the United States.  Unfortunately, the media outreach by one study's authors and the national media's reports on the stories are extremely misleading. Just Facts President Jim Agresti dissected the reports earlier this week.  According to Agresti, "[m]ajor media outlets -- and in some ways the studies themselves -- have painted a distorted picture of past, current, and future sea levels. In fact, the studies actually conflict with each other, a crucial fact that has gone unreported in news reports that have mentioned both of the studies." What kinds of distortions are present?  Agresti writes: The AP's claim about "scientists and computer models" predicting global sea-level rises by 2100 of "as much as 3.3 feet" could just as well have been worded "as little as 7 inches." This 3.3 feet figure is not from the study that is the...(Read Full Post)