President Obama Channels Don Rickles

A lot has already been written about President Obama's July 13th speech in Roanoke, Virginia.  But none of the commentary explains the real anger that entrepreneurs feel after watching the speech.  Sure, there is much to be argued about whether small businesses and entrepreneurs are mooching from the government to which they pay taxes, and how small business success, if any, is the result of the federal government's generosity.  Similar arguments have been made in the past. But the video of the speech has a certain Kennedy-vs.-Nixon-Debate quality to it: those who read the transcript have different reactions to those who actually saw the video. On occasion, President Obama goes off-prompter and lapses into a schtick where he thinks he is a comedian and he is getting laughs at some improv stage somewhere.  That is what he was doing that day, being the comedian-in-chief.  Problem is, comedy isn't always nice.  Many times a comedian will belittle or mock a...(Read Full Post)