Palestinian parallels

Mitt Romney's visit to Israel unintentionally highlighted a parallel between the philosophical differences dividing Israel and the Palestinians, and those dividing Romney and Obama. There is an old joke about a threat of another flood consuming the Earth to rival that occurring during Noah's time. An Italian, a Frenchman and an Israeli are having coffee together talking about the impending flood. Each of them contemplates what they will do for the next six months until the flood comes. The Italian says that in the next six months, he will drink the finest wines, listen to the greatest operas and pray for a miracle. The Frenchman says that in the next six months, he will eat the finest foods, sleep with the finest women and go out in style. They turn to the Israeli and ask him what he will do in the next six months. He replies, matter of factly, that in the next six months, "I will learn to live under water." Since 1948, Israel has been surrounded by enemies, in a constant state of...(Read Full Post)