Olympic Disaster

God could not save the Queen. And Mitt Romney was right: the Brits were not prepared to host the 2012 Olympiad. Rather than celebrate Great Britain's extraordinary contribution to the world in the Opening Ceremony of the London games, director Danny Boyle produced an extravaganza of mediocrity, purposefully avoiding the real story of England's incontrovertible success as, by most measures, the greatest world culture since Rome. For anyone who was fortunate enough to miss the proceedings, do not go back and watch it on your DVR: Unless you are masochistic and derive pleasure from Morris dancers and toiling peasants beating drums announcing the advent of the Industrial Revolution. At this point the audience was expecting exploitation of the workers and the rise of the il-tempered labor movement that eventually brought the UK to its knees -- until Margaret Thatcher rescued the once muscular British economy from slipping into Third World oblivion. But none of that for Danny Boyle. The...(Read Full Post)