Olympian Depths

Faster, Higher, Stronger may apply to the athletes at the 2012 Olympic Games in London (at least to those who are upholding the Olympic motto by not cheating in some way or by not letting politics, religion or ideology blight the competition) but it certainly doesn't apply to the games themselves. The Olympics have been dominated, captured and enslaved by Islamists and Islam and the threats posed by both and Olympic ideals have been tarnished forever as a result. Security has been a dominant feature in the run-up to the games, perhaps the dominant feature, and the security presence throughout them will be overwhelming and omnipresent. Security dominates everything and trumps everything in London, and this is a direct result of well-founded fear that Islamists may try to murder and maim large numbers of people in the name of Islam, may try to blow up bombs or unleash suicide bombers or use chemical weapons or carry out other such atrocities to kill and injure as many people as possible...(Read Full Post)