Olympian Depths

Faster, Higher, Stronger may apply to the athletes at the 2012 Olympic Games in London (at least to those who are upholding the Olympic motto by not cheating in some way or by not letting politics, religion or ideology blight the competition) but it certainly doesn't apply to the games themselves. The Olympics have been dominated, captured and enslaved by Islamists and Islam and the threats posed by both and Olympic ideals have been tarnished forever as a result.

Security has been a dominant feature in the run-up to the games, perhaps the dominant feature, and the security presence throughout them will be overwhelming and omnipresent. Security dominates everything and trumps everything in London, and this is a direct result of well-founded fear that Islamists may try to murder and maim large numbers of people in the name of Islam, may try to blow up bombs or unleash suicide bombers or use chemical weapons or carry out other such atrocities to kill and injure as many people as possible as part of their religious war against the West and Western civilization.

The emphasis on security above all against threats posed by Islamists and by extension Islam means that Islamists and Islam are in effect dominating the games whether incidents occur or not because the security provisions and intrusions constantly inconvenience and affect everyone, spectators, athletes, officials, tourists, ordinary Londoners who have no connection to the games simply going about their business, everyone. That in turn means that Islamists and Islam have captured and enslaved the games because they have forced officials to react to the threat they pose and forced everyone to be worried, harassed and inconvenienced, incidents or no incidents.

All at an enormous financial cost and an enormous cost to civil liberties and freedom of expression too.

Security isn't the only area of the London Olympics that has been dominated, captured and enslaved by Islamists and Islam either.

The opening ceremony, the games signature event, is another.

Forty years ago at the 1972 Olympics in Munich, Germany eleven Israeli athletes were slaughtered by Palestinian terrorists. The International Olympic Committee has refused to hold a minute of silence during the 2012 opening ceremony to commemorate the fortieth anniversary of this atrocity to remember the Israeli athletes who were killed by the Palestinians. This simple act of humanity and decency will not be held because Islamic countries objected and the IOC bowed to their demands. President Obama, every single United States Senator, every single Australian and Canadian parliamentarian, Germany's foreign minister, Israelis and people of many different nationalities from around the world have all pressed the IOC to hold the minute of silence but it will not happen because Islamic countries don't want it to.

That's just one more instance of Islamists and Islam dominating, enslaving and capturing the Olympics, of them making a mockery of the Olympic motto and Olympic ideals. It also means the IOC supports terrorist acts against Israelis, supports Islamists murdering Jews in the name of Islam, because in refusing to hold a minute of silence it is for all intents and purposes sanctioning and supporting them instead of repudiating them.

The Olympic motto? Meaningless words. Olympic ideals? They don't exist in any meaningful way.

Islamists and Islam have dominated, captured and enslaved the 2012 London Olympics alright. If we're not careful and don't fight back to preserve, protect and defend our values, ideals, institutions and way of life they'll dominate, capture and enslave us too.

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