Obama's 'Precious Legacy' and the Dilemma of Black Voters

Michelle Obama recently took to the pulpit at the Nashville African Methodist Episcopal Church (AME) 49th General Conference. In an attempt to reignite the same enthusiasm the black community exhibited in 2008 when 96% of that population supported Barack Obama, the first lady was there amongst the faithful preaching a Michelle-style Get Out the Vote homily. Perhaps sensing a change in her husband's most ardent supporters, in her sermon Mrs. Obama suggested that many African-Americans are ambivalent about the next election.  The first lady asked the 10,000 supportive conference attendees, "How many of us have asked someone whether they're going to vote, and they tell us, 'Nah, I voted last time,' or 'Is there really an election going on?'" Hoping her concern would resonate beyond the conference walls, at one point the first lady sounded as if she was reproving the congregants when she suggested that within the larger black community there was an attitude of ungratefulness. The...(Read Full Post)