Obama's 'Perfectible' Union

On the heels of comments differentiating profits from jobs, and claiming that the collective is why some succeed among his continuous class war mantra, you would think President Obama would have learned a lesson for sake of political expediency -- Not.  Here he was yesterday, letting the cat out of the bag again: "And I confess the progress didn't come quickly, and it did not come easily," President Obama said about his time as a community organizer in Chicago. "Sometimes it didn't come at all. There were times where I thought about giving up and moving on. But what kept me going day in and day out was the same thing that has sustained the Urban League all these years. The same thing that sustains all of you. And that is the belief that in America, change is always possible. That our union may not be perfect, but it is perfectible. "That we can strive over time, through effort and sweat and blood and tears until it is the place we imagine. It may come in fits and starts, at a...(Read Full Post)