Obama Fixer Adds 'F'-word to Script

Is Stephanie Cutter, the president's campaign manager, supposed to be the Madeline White of team Obama? Art imitates life after all. White, the Spike Lee character in his film Inside Man, is the lip-pursing, no-nonsense, quietly ruthless she-wolf called on to carry out the wishes of a Nazi-sympathizing banker.  In the real life 2012 campaign, Cutter resembles White because she acts as a fixer when Obama and Axelrod need an aggressive female to make opponents heel.  In 2008 David Axelrod and Anita Dunn brought Cutter in to run interference when Michelle Obama couldn't hide her disgust for America. The first lady's remark about never being proud of her country until hubby ran for president didn't sit well with the public. Turns out Cutter had experience with fake heroes. She was John Kerry's campaign press secretary in 2003. Then in 2008, as the White House communications assistant to the President, Cutter was designated to...(Read Full Post)