Obama and the Big Non-Break-Up

When Arthur Koestler broke from the Communist Party after the Hitler-Stalin pact, he broke big time.  He had been a card-carrying member of the American Communist party in the thirties for all the reasons why young, idealistic, reflective young minds search for something better than the huge economic inequalities perceived in capitalist societies.  But Koestler increasingly became unable to delude himself about the accretive dictatorial dimension inherent in egalitarian ideologies.  The increasing power and privilege of the elite inner circle of party members who dispensed their version of social justice became increasingly odious to him. When the two lines intersected, he broke.  The result was Darkness at Noon and The God that Failed.  The one is a novel, the other a collection of essays by those who made the break.  The underlying theme is the innate tendency of egalitarian ideologies to become oppressive, totalitarian regimes with brutal enforcement...(Read Full Post)