North Korea purges military chief

There has apparently been a power struggle between the military and new leader Kim Jong Un, and Kim has come out on top. VOA: North Korea has announced the removal of its military chief, a key advisor to leader Kim Jong Un. In a surprise radio announcement Monday, North Korea's official Korean Central News Agency said Vice Marshal Ri Yong Ho has been removed from all this posts because of illness. The radio announcer said the decision was made by the Workers' Party central committee political bureau and included the removal of Ri from the presidium of the politburo, considered North Korea's most powerful body. Ri became head of North Korea's army three years ago. The terse announcement caught officials and analysts in South Korea by surprise.  They note Pyongyang rarely removes top figures for health reasons. Kim Hyung-suk is a spokesman for the Unification Ministry in Seoul, which oversees North-South relations. Kim terms it as "very unusual" the announcement was...(Read Full Post)