Never Leave a Man Behind

My dear friend Harry took a turn for the worse.  After multiple fire rescue life line calls, several trips to the hospital for horrific falls, and exasperated dealings with government bureaucracies, Harry's family finally threw up their hands our shipped Korean War hero off to Avow Hospice.  For the uneducated, 'Hospices' are like roach motels.  You get the drift. All Harry wants to do is to die of natural causes in his own home with his dog Sonny Boy.  Harry's mom called Harry "Sonny Boy" so Harry naturally named his best friend Sonny Boy. Yesterday Sonny Boy spent the day with me.  Sonny marched down 5th Avenue alongside wailing sirens of the Collier County Sheriff's Department, EMS, and Collier County Fire Department.  Funny thing about this rescue dog; this one runs to sirens when most dogs cover their ears.  Another funny thing about Sonny Boy: wherever he marched the little one's wanted to pet him.  I warned all parents along the parade...(Read Full Post)