More Obama Disingenuousness on Israel

On July 27, 2012, Barack Obama said he was "releasing an additional $70 million in military aid for Israel."  This was in anticipation of Republican rival Mitt Romney's trip to Israel the following day.  Last week, Congress passed S. 2165 which maintains that the "United States Government should take the following actions to assist in the defense of Israel."  Some of these include "joint military exercises," "air refueling tankers, missile defense capabilities, and specialized munitions," "prevent[ing] weapons smuggling into Gaza," and "work[ing] to encourage an expanded role for Israel with NATO." Obama claims that the bill underscores the United States "unshakable commitment to Israel."  Yet, according to Charles Krauthammer, Israel is: the most egregious example of Obama's disregard for traditional allies. Obama came into office explicitly intent on creating 'daylight' between himself and Israel, believing that by tilting toward the Arabs, they would be more...(Read Full Post)