Mass Murder A Modern Curse? Hardly.

The media often treat events as if they are new -- something unprecedented.  A good example is the issue of mass shootings.  Each time one hits the news, it is treated as something that, if not new, is a recent development. However, one doesn't have to look very hard to find many historical examples.  It took only about a half hour to find the following.  And, to keep things on a relative apples-to-apples basis, this shows civilian on civilian cases only.  It excludes examples perpetrated by soldiers, police or other government authorized actions or civil wars.  Only events prior to 1970 are listed; many more examples could be added to the list. July 26, 1764 -- near what is now Greencastle, PA.  Four Lenape Indians killed a schoolmaster and nine or 10 children. December 22, 1868 -- Chattanooga, TN.  Three dead following a shooting by a disgruntled student. April 13, 1873 -- Colefax, LA.  Following a disputed election, white Democrats...(Read Full Post)