Key Man or the Constitution?

Much discussion on the ObamaCare ruling has centered on the surprising identity of the tie-breaking Supreme Court justice, rather than the disturbing fact that such a crucial decision hinged on the opinion of just one man. Experts were primarily focused on which direction the vote of Justice Kennedy would swing, with the general consensus that his would be the critical decider between the four "liberal" and four "conservative" justices. The other eight votes, although cast by some brilliant minds, became overshadowed in importance by the supposed tiebreaker -- whether or not the tiebreaker's opinion, by itself, could be considered brilliant, or not. In the business world, when one individual is considered immensely critical to a company's success, a "key man" insurance policy is often purchased to offset the risk of loss resulting from his incapacity. Theoretically speaking, while awaiting the ObamaCare decision, most conservatives would not have considered the votes of Justices...(Read Full Post)