Jimmy Labriola: The Funniest Patriot on the Planet

Actor/comedian Jimmy Labriola played Benny on the TV sitcom "Home Improvement" starring Tim Allen. I first met Jimmy when he joined our Tea Party Express team three or four tours ago. I have been encouraging patriots to use their gifts, talents, skills and passion to take back our country from the tyrannical Obama regime. Jimmy Labriola epitomizes what I am talking about. Jimmy's gift is making people laugh; I am talking side-splitting laughter. His refreshing family friendly brilliant stand-up comedy act is a wonderful addition to the political speeches at tea party rallies. I also admire Jimmy's courage and love for his country. Boldly supporting the tea party and cracking jokes about King Obama is a sure way to be removed from the Hollywood "A" list. Fearlessly, Jimmy is passionately fighting to foil Obama's plan to "fundamentally transform" our great country. There are Conservatives in Hollywood. Most feel compelled to remain underground and stealthily fight Liberalism. They even...(Read Full Post)