It's Business that Pays it Forward Not Government

Obama makes it sound as if starting and running a successful business is as easy as ordering fast food from the local government office.  "I'll take a double cheeseburger with extra bacon, an XXL order of fries, two (to stay legal in NYC) 16oz sodas and throw in an Apple on the side -- that's right, the multi-billion dollar corporation -- not the fruit."  Those who have actually created a business know better.

It's true that everyone receives some help and guidance along the path of life but Obama is trying to put the government cart before the private-sector horse in this case.  Without private-sector business activity, the government would have zero money to spend on roads, bridges, teachers or anything else for that matter.  The money must first be extracted from businesses and the people who work hard and receive their paychecks from those businesses (at least before the Feds started printing money).  It's like a capitalist version of the feel-good movie Pay it Forward if you will.  A good deed multiplies exponentially over time.  It's a delicate process and unfortunately Obama's big government policies are currently stifling business creation and expansion.

Sure business start-ups today are benefitting from some government services that were paid for by others.  But funding for those services can ultimately be traced back to past business start-ups that became successful and created a "branching tree" of tax revenue (and technology) for the government to utilize.

In reality, the ultimate act of Pay it Forward for Americans started when our Founding Fathers risked life, limb and fortune to give us our Constitution.  This is the same document that Obama has been ignoring as of late.  It's a document that was created for the sole purpose of limiting what people like Obama would be able to do to "the people" while temporarily in power.

Ironically Barack Obama and Elizabeth Warren have had plenty of "help" over the years as well.  Warren played American Indian long enough to move up the ranks at Harvard.  And Obama has had the help of teleprompters, domestic terrorists , a communist mentor and 100% support of the mainstream media to name just a few.  But what have they and their far-left views created for the benefit of society?

Voters need to perform a good deed and Pay it Forward for the next generation by electing Mitt Romney this November.

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