We Are Not As Rich As Obama

I am middle class.  Neither Barack Obama's net worth of eleven million dollars nor Mitt Romney's worth of two hundred and fifty million dollars relates to me. They share an interplanetary tune that is remote from my hearing aid. 

My poverty as related to Romney is not very different than my impoverishment as related to Obama.  Obama pretends that he is middle class just because he is poorer than Romney.  He is still a thousand times richer than me.  Who is he kidding, shielding himself in the burqa of the poor, wandering around the false desert of improvised poverty.

The difference between Obama's assets and the middle classes' is far larger than between Romney and Obama.  We, the people, are farther away from either leader than we are from each other. Romney is not one of the people.  He drives by us in his fleet of limousines and occasional dons a wave.

So why is Obama continually complaining about Romney's wealth when his wealth is more comparable to Romney's than to ours?  He has about five per cent of Romney's wealth whereas we have less than one per cent of Obama's riches. He is still a millionaire.  He doesn't have to worry about ordering appetizers at good restaurants.  He can even afford dessert.

Romney is only worth twenty times Obama. But if you take the average person living day to day with assets of ten thousand dollars than Obama is worth a thousand times more than his purported brothers.

So Romney is just a smidgeon more out of touch financially with the middle class than Obama. Isn't it stupid for Obama to pick on a financial soul mate? Doesn't Obama know that he is in outer space with the super-rich?  One wonders why he keeps talking against his own class?

The fact that Romney is somewhat richer than Obama is irrelevant. Obama and Romney are both in orbit out of the gravity of the middle class.

Please Obama, quit pretending that you are one of us. Your wife spends eight hundred thousand dollars on a Spanish vacation and this isn't even considered part of your income.

I can't afford to rent a car to visit Adventurer's Inn in New Jersey.  Obama, don't pretend you're one of the boys.  You're not.  I won't let you run in my playground.  You are too rich, no matter how you accuse others of being rich. You are too divisive no matter how you accuse others of partisanship. You are too lucky that civil war hasn't broken out under your bitter influence.

If you keep fingering the helium of society's diversity you will eventually pop the whole balloon. The party will be over. Your reign will be the trash that remains on the floor of your failed presidency. Your voters will be wandering in the confetti of the party's aftermath with the disappointment of the fooled.