Is The Two-State Solution Doable?

Is the two-state solution for Israel and the Palestinians doable?  Dani Dayan, Chairman of the Yesha Council ‎of Jewish Communities in Judea and Samaria, thinks not. Seth Mandel thinks ‎otherwise.‎ The NYT published a strongly worded Op-Ed this week by Dani Dayan, under the ‎title "Israel's Settlers are here to stay."  Seth Mandel, in an article in ‎Commentary Magazine, called his comments "wrongheaded."‎ Mandel accused him of ignoring "both an accepted reality and the Palestinian ‎people."  Dayan has every right to ignore or even reject, both. Mandel further ‎complained  that "two of his ideas contained in the op-ed would be, if ‎accepted, detrimental to the American foreign policy doctrine that results in ‎such steadfast American support for Israel." I beg to differ for reasons set ‎out below.‎ Mandel writes:‎ ‎"First and foremost, a majority of Israelis (usually around the 60 percent ‎mark, sometimes higher) consistently support...(Read Full Post)