Is Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. in Rehab?

Five to one says Illinois Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. has enlisted for an extended stay in a rehab facility. Jackson went missing from his Congressional duties on June 10 and hasn't been seen since. The initial explanation was "exhaustion." Those familiar with the press releases of Lindsay Lohan or the late Amy Winehouse know just how tiring a lifestyle entangled with alcohol and/or drugs can be. Chicago's NBC Channel 5 reports that his constituents are getting restless: We want to see what we were voting for, (said Shaun Fades, local barbershop proprietor). We elected him for something, and now he's nowhere to be found. The level of secrecy surrounding Jackson's complete disappearance certainly suggests something is being covered up. His Congressional office issued an updated press release concerning his condition, but it was vague and was clearly offered in order to buy time for the Congressman to figure out how to address the situation. Congressman Jackson's...(Read Full Post)