Institutionalized graft in the Golden State

The Democrats in the California State Assembly really believe their constituents are fools, willing to ignore the institutionalized union graft that funds their re-election. How else to explain their party line vote to fund $8 billion for building high-speed rail, starting in the agriculturally rich Central Valley. Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, a Republican from San Bernardino called the vote, "a high speed train robbery."  The issue now goes to the State Senate for a close vote on Friday. The Central Valley has an extremely low population density as compared to the metropolitan areas of Los Angeles and San Francisco, making it less than an ideal proving ground for testing the project's financial and engineering viability. Population density of the Central Valley is estimated at 155 persons per square mile. The population density of metro Los Angeles is estimated at 25,904 persons per square mile. Where would you choose to begin building a railroad, given these figures? In testimony...(Read Full Post)