Gutting welfare reform for fun and political profit

The July 12 gutting of welfare reform, announced as guidance by the Obama administration, serves at least 2 agendas for the Obama administration. On the one hand, it adds to the number of people dependent on feds, as Richard Baehr put it, "vastly expanding the welfare population, as food stamps usage explodes,  and ObamaCare creates 30 million more new dependents." John Hinderaker calls it "A Nation of Dependents": The Obama administration is rapidly pursuing its vision of a "transformed" America-an America in which most people are dependent on government, and therefore the party of government, the Democrats, will be dominant. One of the administration's prime vehicles for stimulating dependence is the food stamp program, which, as we wrote here and elsewhere, has exploded under Obama. Food stamps now make up 80% of "agriculture" spending, and the Department of Agriculture has come under fire for aggressively building up the numbers of food stamp recipients. But Ed...(Read Full Post)