Gov. Christie recalls NJ legislature

This is the absolute best time to recall a legislature in order to get the body to do your bidding; 4th of July break. Demanding that Democrats deliver his version of a tax cut, Gov. Christie invoked his constitutional powers Saturday to call lawmakers back from vacation into a special legislative session. The Republican governor notified Democratic legislative leaders with just 48 hours' notice, as legally mandated, and not a minute more. He will address a combined Assembly and Senate at 11 a.m. Monday and then leave the Statehouse chambers with the hope the bodies will debate his tax-cut recommendations. The move comes a day after Christie canceled hundreds of millions of dollars in Democrats' spending and set much of it aside for a future tax cut. Christie and Democrats had come to an agreement on a tax cut in May, but it fell apart over Democratic concerns that state revenue in a still-struggling economy couldn't support it. "Lowering the tax burden imposed...(Read Full Post)