Get Over It Already!

Actors Chris Rock and Don Cheadle continued to perpetrate racial animosity with their inane Independence Day tweets implying that the holiday was meant only for whites. Chris Rock, that bastion of racial sensitivity who never lets an opportunity slip by to propagate white guilt, tweeted the message "Happy white peoples independence day the slaves weren't free but I'm sure they enjoyed the fireworks," as Americans celebrated Independence Day. Later, actor Don Cheadle retweeted the message and defended Rock with the lame excuse that only "18th century whites" should be offended by Rock's comment. This is the reason America can't move past race. It is not white people who are too cowardly to confront the past, as Eric Holder infamously scolded us, but prominent blacks who refuse to let go of the past. In fact, Chris Rock's entire schtick revolves around race relations and his assessment that blacks continue to endure enmity from whites while refusing to acknowledge that any progress has...(Read Full Post)