GAO busts $8 billion Obama Medicare fraud

The nonpartisan Government Accountability Office has issued a report on a program being run by the Obama administration that stretches the law, in order to cover up the cuts in Medicare funding under ObamaCare until after the election. Stephen Dinan of the Washington Times reports: Congress's non-partisan investigators said Wednesday President Obama is stretching the law to give bonuses to mediocre private Medicare plans - an $8 billion program the auditors had already urged the administration to cancel. In a pointed letter, the Government Accountability Office's chief lawyer said the administration hasn't shown that it can learn anything by a "demonstration" project to pay bonuses to average-performing Medicare Advantage plans. The lawyer questioned "the agency's legal authority to undertake the demonstration." (snip) "Lacking the legal authority to undertake a project of this magnitude shows how the Obama administration tried to use a technicality to...(Read Full Post)