Did taxpayers finance the Aurora massacre?

Just how did the Aurora Monster get the money to buy his weapons, all the ammunition and accessories in just the last few months? I'm a hunter.  I don't own any semiautomatic weapons, mainly because game wardens seriously frown on them.  An exception is a semiautomatic shotgun, so long as it can be proved it will only hold three shotgun shells.  Also, semiautomatic weapons take more time to clean than standard hunting weapons such as revolvers, pump shotguns, bolt action or lever action weapons.  I've shot semiautomatic weapons owned by friends.  They are interestingly fun as are grandchildren:  You can play with them and then turn them back to their parents for the high maintenance when they go home. This last weekend, the Drudge Report had headlines that the Aurora Monster was receiving unemployment benefits and had a lab technician job. Now in my State, unemployment benefits at the maximum are $450 per week or $1950 per month annualized.  Lab tech...(Read Full Post)