Condi Rice for Veep. Really?

If Drudge is right, Mitt Romney may just pick Condi Rice as his running mate.  Talk about an insider's pick.     Former Secretary of State Rice is a smart woman and accomplished in her field, but does she energize conservative voters?  Does her presence on the Romney ticket do anything to persuade Hispanics to back Mitt?  Can Rice help Romney bleed off enough black votes to damage the president's re-election chances? The answer to these questions are definitively "no."  And strictly in terms of election politics, wouldn't Rice be a reminder of the Bush presidency?  Unfair as it may be, many voters still blame the former president for the economy's crash.  Won't President Obama and left-wing super pacs have a field day with Romney picking Rice, who played so prominent and conspicuous a role in the Bush White House? The answer points to "yes."  Could Romney be thinking that selecting Rice would favorably impact women and...(Read Full Post)