America's standing in the world

Monday, President Obama said to a group of veterans that his Administration has spearheaded a "new era of American leadership" that has made the U.S. "safer and stronger and more respected in the world."  He later added: "America should never apologize."  Excuse me?  I must be living in a parallel universe because, like too many of his comments, this one displays chutzpah and a clear detachment from reality.  One has to start getting really nervous about his psychosis which apparently goes beyond a simple narcissistic personality disorder; more like bordering on that of a sociopath. There is the world view, and then there is the demented view of Obama on America's standing in the world today. A country, like an individual, is only respected insofar as its commitment to rock solid principles and its stalwart backing of its allies. Just like someone who is not a man of his word is not respected, neither is a country that has no clearly defined direction or...(Read Full Post)