A Sociology of the Jet Ski

Daniel Henninger's column in the Wall Street Journal reproduced the photograph of Mitt and Ann Romney on a jet ski in Lake Winnipesaukee, adding to the criticism that the photo made him look like an out of touch rich guy, akin to John Kerry windsurfing in lycra off Nantucket. This may the message that gets propagated by the media to an unfortunate number of voters. In reality, however, the optics of a jet ski on a lake ought to communicate a middle class -- even working class -- tableau. In New England, the part of the world I'm most familiar with, the out of touch rich don't summer on lakes. As a rule, they go to Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard, Bar Harbor and Newport. Henninger quotes past examples of presidential vacation homes: "the 'Kennedy compound' of legend at Hyannis Port, FDR's [...] Campobello, or ...Teddy Roosevelt's house at Sagamore Hill on Oyster Bay." All on salt water. Anyone can putt around on a pond; it takes skill (or a paid captain) to navigate dangerous ocean...(Read Full Post)