200,000 flee Aleppo as fighting rages

This kind of urban fighting has rarely been seen since World War II simply because the risk to civilians is too high. But for the Syrian military, that doesn't enter into their calculations as they are continuously pounding rebel positions with heavy artillery and strafing rebel strong points with helicopter gunships. Foreign Policy: A massive counteroffensive by the Syrian government over the weekend has forced an estimated 200,000 people to flee Aleppo while the opposition continues what is effectively a guerilla war. Government troops pounded Syria's largest city and commercial capital, claiming they have overtaken Salaheddine, the center of fighting in the southwestern region of the city. Opposition forces dispute the government's statement, retorting they have retained control of the Salehedine quarter despite the bombardment of heavy artillery and helicopter gunships. Outnumbered and outgunned, the Syrian opposition has continued to appeal to the international community for...(Read Full Post)