You Cannot Leak Your Way to National Security Credibility

President Barack Obama's campaign strategy, at least as it regards foreign affairs, consists almost entirely of boasting of the various covert operation successes that occurred on his watch, and leaking government secrets to buttress these boasts. This strategy began just days after the successful elimination of arch-terrorist Osama Bin laden in May of last year. Instead of being an operation cloaked in mystery and "no comments," almost every detail of the raid was almost immediately released, from the unit which conducted the daring operation to the CIA operation to successfully track Bin Laden to his Abbottabad compound. That particular leak cost a Pakistani doctor, Shakil Afridi, his freedom, and may also cost him his life.  Ironically the only secrets that the administration has attempted to protect from that day are the photos showing the deceased Bin Laden, lest pictures of the dead terrorist offend Islamist sensibilities, and which details about the raid the administration...(Read Full Post)