Why I Walked Out on John Roberts

I've had doubts about Chief Justice John Roberts for a couple of years now -- doubts that were unfortunately confirmed Thursday by his decision upholding ObamaCare. In October 2010, Canisius College in Buffalo, NY hosted Chief Justice Roberts as part of the Raichle Lecture Series.  The Raichle Lectures are sponsored by the college's pre-law center, and the college deserves credit for booking some real heavy hitters -- past guests have included Supreme Court Justices Rehnquist, Scalia, and O'Connor, and other notable figures like Rudy Giuliani. I was excited about the opportunity to see the head of one of the three coequal branches of government in person -- especially in an academic setting, ripe for debate, ideas, and insights on how things really work at the seat of power.  I was really looking forward to hearing the kind of Socratic give-and-take Justice Scalia and Judge Bork are known for when they visit colleges and law schools. I was sorely disappointed. The event was...(Read Full Post)