Who's Flying the New Syrian Choppers?

Reports surfaced Tuesday that Russia is supplying Bashar al-Assad's murderous regime in Syria with MI-17 attack helicopters.   Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton spoke to this issue publicly, and voiced concern that these attack helicopters might be used to attack the resistance to the Assad regime.  Ya think, Hillary? Weapons, in and of themselves, do not cause deaths or injury.  The users of the weapons do, and in each report that has surfaced there is much hand wringing about this "escalation" and the "intractable" opposition of Russia to aiding in any way to rein in the Syrian government.  A single question about these helicopters seems conspicuously absent, however.  Not an answer, it must be admitted.  But not even this question is being put forward. Who exactly is flying these helicopters?  Are Syrians going to pilot these new helicopters?  Training a pilot is an extremely time consuming effort.  In fact it is arguably...(Read Full Post)