What Today's Recall Election Means

A lot has been made of the importance of Tuesday's recall election of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.  National pundits have seemingly predicted fallout to range anywhere from a rejuvenated labor movement carrying Obama to victory in November to evil, Republican governors forcing Walker-style reform down the throats of citizens in red states across the country.  So, what is true significance of Tuesday's election? To answer this, most analysis has rightly focused on two key aspects: the immediate impact on public labor unions and other states looking to implement similar reform, and the overall influence it will have on November's presidential election. In most cases, however, prevailing schools of thought seem to overstate the importance it will have on a national scale for one very important reason: win or lose, Scott Walker has already successfully changed the national dialog by putting public labor under the microscope. So, what happens if Scott Walker wins? A Walker...(Read Full Post)