Weird turn to Rangel primary vote count

Did Charles Rangel win his primary race on Tuesday night or not? Incredibly, it still isn't clear. A slew of snafus, mysterious missing precincts, and a failure to count some absentee and provisional ballots leaves the issue in doubt. Politico: In an interview, Vazquez, the spokeswoman for the embattled Board of Elections, defended the office's efforts, saying that it had simply followed the vote counting process as prescribed by city law. The reason six percent of votes had not yet been tabulated, Vazquez said, is that the police officers tasked with providing an unofficial record of the data from those precincts after securing voting boxes on election night had not done so. Once election workers downloaded voting files from each precinct to reach an official total, Vazquez said, a complete count would be reached. On Friday morning, Vazquez said a final tally would arrive by 2 pm that day. That hour, however, came and went without any results. By the end of the day, there...(Read Full Post)