Walker Victory Bash Short on Blacks

On election night, I was in the hotel hot tub in Oak Creek, WI when my wife called from our home in Florida.  Extremely excited, Mary yelled, "Gov. Scott Walker defeated the recall!"  Then I began receiving joyful texts and phone calls from around the country. Congratulations to our family of patriots across America who sent money, made phone calls and prayed for Gov. Walker.  Despite reports of the Democrats attempting to steal the election via voter fraud, the good guys, Governor Scott Walker and Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch, still emerged victorious!  Praise God! While I am elated and very grateful for our victory, which has huge national ramifications, something still troubles me.  How long will a majority of my fellow black Americans keep hangin' with the brain-dead partisan idiots? On election day, our Tea Party Express team toured Wisconsin.  We parked our tour buses at various locations, invited locals on board to use our Mobile Phone Bank....(Read Full Post)