Unions Dividing Democrats?

This might prove an interesting twist on divide and conquer.  Michael Gerson wrote at the Washington Post on Wednesday that the Wisconsin election results may indicate a split among liberals.  Public sector unions may be driving a wedge between pro-union and pro-activist government liberals (and leaners).  Can conservatives exploit that split?  A fracturing of the Democratic coalition along the lines that Gerson suggests can only aid Republicans in local and state elections.  It remains to be seen if such a division among Democrats will occur in congressional elections and in the upcoming slugfest between President Obama and Mitt Romney.  Here's the problem for Democrats, as Gerson describes it: The voters of the Badger State do not object to the idea of an activist, generous state government. The problem for Democrats in Wisconsin and elsewhere is that state and local budget debates unite conservatives while dividing voters who believe in active...(Read Full Post)