Top Ten Reasons to Vote for Obama

Oh, the things people particular, those who support President Obama.  At the recent "ATM Withdrawal Fest" for Obama in California on June 6th, hundreds voiced their support for the President.  Here -- in their own words -- are the top ten reasons to re-elect Obama: (1) He has a nice voice (very important when all you do is talk);(2) He's likeable (unless you are in the crosshairs of one of his drone attacks);(3) He's black (and, as the post-racial President, only He can cure our racist nation of its racist ills);(4) He's the first Black American (what?);(5) He stopped the wars (and stemmed the rise of the oceans);(6) He put an end to Don't Ask Don't Tell (and has evolved from supporting gay marriage to campaigning for traditional marriage to embracing Gay Marriage, one of the most heinous civil rights violations in our time);(7) He...I don't know (that's probably the only accurate response yet);(8) He's awesome (when using his nice voice to sing Al Green songs and...(Read Full Post)