Top Ten Reasons to Vote for Obama

Oh, the things people particular, those who support President Obama. 

At the recent "ATM Withdrawal Fest" for Obama in California on June 6th, hundreds voiced their support for the President.  Here -- in their own words -- are the top ten reasons to re-elect Obama:
(1) He has a nice voice (very important when all you do is talk);
(2) He's likeable (unless you are in the crosshairs of one of his drone attacks);
(3) He's black (and, as the post-racial President, only He can cure our racist nation of its racist ills);
(4) He's the first Black American (what?);
(5) He stopped the wars (and stemmed the rise of the oceans);
(6) He put an end to Don't Ask Don't Tell (and has evolved from supporting gay marriage to campaigning for traditional marriage to embracing Gay Marriage, one of the most heinous civil rights violations in our time);
(7) He...I don't know (that's probably the only accurate response yet);
(8) He's awesome (when using his nice voice to sing Al Green songs and attend over 150 fundraisers...while Rome burns);
(9) He'll tax the G-D rich and make those selfish people pay their fair share (until he runs out of other people's money.  Hey, Michelle! How about another $2,000 sundress, $500 pair of gardening shoes or $400,000 vacation with 40 of your BFFs?);
(10) He needs four more years to...put it all together (because he messed up so badly during the first four years--during his practice round as President).

 (Video here)

Here are ten random reasons NOT to re-elect Obama:
(1) He has done more to divide this nation between races, religions, economic and educational status than any other human being in our history;
(2) He has ushered in the longest, sustained period of unemployment-40 consecutive months at 8% and higher-since the Great Depression;
(3) He has spent so much taxpayer money, even fetuses are burdened with a debt of approximately $45,000 before they come to term;
(4) He wants everyone to have a college education and has vowed to provide more student loans and, at the same time, forgive their repayment because, under his administration, 1 out of 2 recent college grads have had to move back into previously empty nests with no prospect of working or, are flipping burgers;
(5) He does not look cool when he runs down the steps of Air Force One and even if he did, it's no reason to elect anyone;
(6) He's America's first Downgrade President. If anyone else allowed that to happen under their watch at their place of work, they'd have been summarily terminated;
(7) We need a manager not a singer;
(8) The content of his character is questionable; the color of his skin irrelevant;
(9) He wakes up every morning working for the little guy but actually hurts the average Joe with high taxes, burdensome regulations, unsustainable entitlement programs, a $16 trillion dollar debt, and $813 billion stimulus programs that haven't created the private sector jobs we were promised; and lastly, as expressed by the 17 year old in the video
(10) "We are in danger."

Like the sign says:  "Obama was one bad hire."


NOT doing fine in the private sector.

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