The 'vanishing ink' conspiracy in Egypt

How crazy has the presidential election in Egypt gotten? A rumor that 180,000 pens filled with ink that disappears after a few hours had been shipped into the country prior to the vote this weekend was causing headaches for election officials and spurring voters to go to extremes to make sure their vote counted. The rumor was apparently started a couple of days before the vote by a flamboyant talk show host,Tawfiq Okasha: AP: "I warn everyone. I warn the Shafiq campaign. I warn all voters," Okasha shouted on his show on the satellite channel he owns. "The voter will make his mark on the ballot with it and four hours later the mark disappears. The vote counters will open the ballot and find it blank." A Brotherhood spokesman, Mahmoud Ghozlan, denied the claims. The rumor gained further ground when officials suggested the plot was a reality, though they did not accuse the Brotherhood or any other group. Speaking to journalists Saturday, the interior minister in charge of security...(Read Full Post)