The Roles of the Races

I suppose it's truly silly of white victims of black criminals to expect equal treatment by the mainstream media. But still, it's aggravating when we keep getting smacked in the face repeatedly with examples like this. Here we have a spontaneous act of senseless and extreme violence perpetrated against an innocent, white male out walking his dog, by a black male and it is reported without any hint that the attack could have been racially motivated. Reverse the races of the two men involved and imagine how this would be delivered to the public. The white perp's race would be in the first paragraph if not the first sentence and the term possible hate crime would follow closely. Instead of the calm reporting of the facts as in this article, there would be a tone of outrage conveyed and demands for immediate police apprehension of this murderous white bigot whose violent racism has instilled a sense of fear throughout Chicago's black communities. You get the drift. I suppose we should...(Read Full Post)