The Obamacare Tax Fix

Of course President Obama lied when he said that the individual mandate contained within the ACA was "not a tax."  But it was the only way he could force this medicine through Congress and down the throats of "the people," so the end justified the means in this case.  And thanks to Roberts, it appears the unpopularity of raising taxes can be avoided in future cases as well. 

As the truth about this enormous tax increase begins to settle in, many in the middle-class (think independents) will start to make some noise about the fact that their taxes will go up despite Obama's promise that those who earn less than $250K a year wouldn't see a penny of tax increase under Obama's watch.

So would it really surprise anyone if Obama now tried to become a middle-class hero and campaigned on "fixing" Obamacare -- if reelected -- by shifting the "unfair" burden of this tax (while pointing out who brought the issue before the Supreme Court and caused it to become a tax) away from the middle-class and poor and onto the backs of the "rich" who can better tolerate the burden and should be paying their "fair share" anyway.    

Obama has already shown that he is willing to say or do anything regardless of truth or Constitutionality so why not?

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