The Big Blow-Up Elephant Marches Amid the New Amsterdam Donkeys

It may be a harbinger of the election ahead: last night outside the Obama-Bill Clinton fundraiser in New York City, young Republicans mocked the gathering, and Democrats revealed how different 2012 is from 2008 for them. Monday evening was a perfect late-spring day, a coolish breeze almost imperceptible in among the dark clouds that, truth to tell, threatened a rain that, happily, did not fall, though hundreds of umbrellas were prophylactically tucked under arms and in thoughtfully packed tote bags. The milling tourists were out in the myriads. Fat, ill-dressed teen minority youths twirled poles on each of the many corners at Times Square, Broadway, Seventh Avenue, 42nd Street. Hawking the comedy revues dotting the neighborhood. Making minimum wage as they held their footing among the crowds pushing every which way. Comedy night! Comics tonight! But along with the camera-phone-happy gawkers from Chicopee Falls with their maps  at the ready, at the New Amsterdam Theatre running...(Read Full Post)