Taliban storm Afghan resort; 18 dead

Just a four man squad - suicide mission, really - and the Afghan army eventually rooted them out. The fact that the US military thinks it was an operation by the Haqqani network shows that the terrorists are becoming bolder the closer we get to the US withdrawal date. AP: Heavily armed Taliban insurgents stormed into a lakeside hotel north of Kabul and opened fire on guests inside, killing 18 people -- most civilians -- before the 12-hour long rampage ended Friday morning, Afghan officials said. The brazen attack on a resort where many Afghans go to try to forget about the war was a dramatic reminder of the Taliban's resiliency as insurgents push hard with their summer offensive in a show of strength as U.S.-led forces prepared to withdraw by the end of 2014. Insurgents first killed the security guards at the hotel, then pushed their way inside and began firing at guests who were having a late-night meal. Some of the guests escaped while others were held hostage as the ...(Read Full Post)